My Yoga Teacher Training Journey

This weekend started part 2 of my yoga teacher training journey! I can’t believe I’m half way through already. The first part of the training I learned so much about my own practice, yoga history, philosophy, & alignment… Just to name a few. Now we will be going on to the nerve racking part… Actual teaching! I’m super nervous about this part. It’s tough in the beginning to do something new, especially when other people are involved. However, I’m very excited to jump in and get learning. It’s always easier to start something new once you drop the nerves & just do it! I got a small taste of teaching a couple poses to my other teacher training peers & I can’t wait to do more. Throughout this journey I’ve recognized more that everyone is different & that as a teacher you can’t take to heart any rejection you might feel. Some students may love your style of teaching and some won’t…. But that’s okay! All you can do is be true to yourself and the universe will connect you with some amazing souls. So I invite you today to be true to yourself and your life journey. Don’t feel discouraged if you don’t connect with some people in your life, just recognize that everyone is different. Accept this and let it go! Be you, be true, & always have faith in the universal plan.



Peach out!

Hello my favorites! I read a quote this morning that really clicked with me….
“You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there’s still going to be somebody who hates peaches.”
-D. Von Teese
It’s so true! I take a lot of things to heart and let others opinions effect me often. After I read this quote, it made so much sense! Not everyone is going to like you and you can’t please everyone. This is why the universe puts certain people in your life and takes certain people out. Sometimes hearing other peoples opinions can really help you to learn about yourself and make changes, but other times others opinions are just that…. OPINIONS. You take them into consideration and then you move on. Don’t think too much about it. Don’t let it make you upset. Just let it be. It’s important to always be you & if you love you, than it doesn’t matter what others think. The most important thing is to be happy…. So I invite you today to be happy with yourself, be happy with your choices & be happy with your life! Don’t forget, you’re the best peach ever! and if someone in your life doesn’t like your kind of peach well…. I guess it’s time for you to say “peach out”! ✌️



In the midst of my yoga journey I have been struggling with making a decision…. A decision that I knew I wanted to make but I kept battling with the “what if’s”. The main “what if” was cost. I’ve been thinking a lot lately the past few months about doing a Yoga Teacher Training and using yoga for so much positive change but the cost of the training had me turning away. Even people in my life said “wow, that’s a bit pricey! I don’t know if you should do that”. But I KNEW I wanted to do this and after months of thinking, and thinking and thinking, I signed up for the teacher training that starts in the Fall! I just stopped thinking and went with my intuition. Trust your intuition always! I’m so excited for what’s to come… Lives I will be able to touch with yoga, people I will be able to help, knowledge I will be gaining for myself and my own practice. The benefits are endless and so worth the money! This really made me, once again, see that you always should do what makes you happy and do what you feel in your gut to be right! Listen to others and their opinions but then make the choice that’s good for you! So I invite you all today to take a leap of faith… Do something that scares you, something that may feel out of your comfort zone because that means you’re doing something amazing!

I hope you all have a beautiful day ~:-)