Let your spirit of the holidays shine!

Happy Holidays everyone! I love this time of year… Christmas music, yummy treats, gift giving, time with friends, family, & lots of feelings of gratitude. Not everyone feels these things during the holidays though. The true spirit of the holidays is often lost in the chaos of life… Stress, family drama, crime. I see more often than not, the drama associated with everyone’s differences in culture or Religion. Should I say Happy Holidays? Merry Christmas? Happy Hanukkah? Happy Kwanzaa? Will I offend someone if I say the wrong holiday? Here’s what I say to that…. Spread your spirit as you wish! Let it shine bright! Why is it offensive to share your holiday spirit with another person? Why is it offensive to share your culture or religion with others? If you celebrate Christmas than wish others a Merry Christmas. If you celebrate Hanukkah than you go ahead a say Happy Hanukkah. I celebrate Christmas, but I love to hear any type of holiday cheer being spread around! My whole point is this…. The holidays are for positivity, happiness, LOVE, spending time with family & friends. Not hatred, anger or nonacceptance . So I invite you today and this holiday season to embrace other cultures, religions, & nationalities. Take the time to listen and understand… You may learn something new 🙂

Here is a great article I read about life lessons that can be learned from yoga and Hanukkah. Check it out…
8 Yogic Lessons Hanukkah Teaches Us


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