In the midst of my yoga journey I have been struggling with making a decision…. A decision that I knew I wanted to make but I kept battling with the “what if’s”. The main “what if” was cost. I’ve been thinking a lot lately the past few months about doing a Yoga Teacher Training and using yoga for so much positive change but the cost of the training had me turning away. Even people in my life said “wow, that’s a bit pricey! I don’t know if you should do that”. But I KNEW I wanted to do this and after months of thinking, and thinking and thinking, I signed up for the teacher training that starts in the Fall! I just stopped thinking and went with my intuition. Trust your intuition always! I’m so excited for what’s to come… Lives I will be able to touch with yoga, people I will be able to help, knowledge I will be gaining for myself and my own practice. The benefits are endless and so worth the money! This really made me, once again, see that you always should do what makes you happy and do what you feel in your gut to be right! Listen to others and their opinions but then make the choice that’s good for you! So I invite you all today to take a leap of faith… Do something that scares you, something that may feel out of your comfort zone because that means you’re doing something amazing!

I hope you all have a beautiful day ~:-)