Taking Steps is Easy…

There are times in everyone’s life where the universe hands us not so favorable situations that may feel small or it may feel like your world is crumbling down around you, but there is always a way to get back on your feet. Don’t make it harder on yourself by reliving the moment or situation over and over again in your mind. Taking steps is easy, standing still is hard. Keep taking steps forward and look for the positives of the situation. What can I learn from this? Why was I given this struggle? How do I become better from this? These are questions to ask yourself instead of just standing still in the negative moment and letting yourself fall apart, keep taking steps to lift yourself back up. In life, it’s most important to take any situation or experience and grow from it. Grow with more experience, more knowledge, more love, more laughs, more mistakes and grow into a better you! So I invite you today to keep taking steps forward, big or small, and don’t ever just stand still…. Life keeps moving on with or without you, you can choose to keep up with it or not. That’s solely up to you!



Find YOUR Peace

The root of letting go and living life to YOUR fullest potential…is peace. It’s difficult to let go, move forward, accept, be less anxious, be less fearful, be less stressed without peace. I could go on and on with examples but it all comes down to having peace within yourself. Everyone reaches a state of peace in their own way and on their own time. How do you find peace within yourself? By eating a delicious piece of cake? Read a book? Go to a yoga class? Spend time with your family? Talk with a friend? Meditate? Cry? Laugh? Dance? Whatever it is that makes your soul happy and brings you peace….Do that! And do it as often as necessary. There are lots of things that bring me peace and a large piece of chocolate lava cake is one of them!…and a spoon full of Nutella 😉
The only thing missing in moments of fear, stress, confusion, anxiety, sadness, pain……is peace. So I invite you today to find your peace & make your soul happy! Oh, and go out & enjoy the sunshine, Spring is finally here! 🙂