Acceptance & Patience

What does acceptance & patience mean to you? Patience to me is embracing the uneasiness of all the things that are still unsettled in my heart and having the faith that The Universe is working for my best interest, even if I can’t see it or feel it in this moment. Patience is accepting the present fully as it is. Patience is allowing yourself to make mistakes and then learn from them. Patience is removing the word “should” from your vocabulary and instead, understanding that everything that’s happened in your life has been necessary to teach you.
And acceptance? Breathing into what is, letting each moment be as it is; this is acceptance. We have a choice in each moment to accept or resist what is happening. When we accept change we are able to focus on the important things. We all have times in our life where we find it hard to be patient and accept the things we may not want to accept. But it is these things that help us grow into magnificent people. I invite you today to be grateful & accept what The Universe has given to you… Always remember, what’s for you will not pass you.



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