New Challenge!

This week I have been dog sitting the cutest little pups and have had a ton of time to practice some yoga poses. I’ve decided to challenge myself to a new arm balance pose (Refer to the picture below!) At first I said to myself “I got this!” And put my arms on the ground close to a wall and quickly flipped my legs over my head. As my feet slammed against the wall after several attempts I realized I had to approach this pose in stages. It was going to take patience, balance and focus to master this one…. And I thought the Bakasana arm balance was hard! Pshh! I have a lot more work to do but I’m determined to do this. Attempting these poses is much like attempting anything in life… Some things come easy to certain people and other things take time and patience. However you chose to attempt your challenges in life is up to you and only your unique self can be successful in your own unique way. No one person is the same and I invite you to embrace your differences and try to understand others differences. At times you may think your perspective is the only correct one but everyone has a different view and trying to understand the perspective of others can be very enlightening. Learn something from your peers today ~:-)

“It’s not what you’re doing – it’s who you’re being that counts” -Mastin Kipp



Let Go or Be Dragged!

Lesson of life… Let go or be dragged. Let go of the fear, pain, uncertainty, wants, needs, negativity, anxiety. Anything that you feel is dragging you down, let it go. I posted a video link below that I feel is such an amazing and inspirational story. It just goes to show that when you let go of all the things that drag you down, you can truly accomplish anything! And also it shows how yoga is a powerful outlet for your health and wellbeing. I’ve been attempting the Bakasana arm balance the last few weeks and I managed to do it today! I only held it for about 5 seconds but it is a start! You have to start somewhere to reach your goals. If a goal you’re trying to reach feels overwhelming, slowly attempt it in pieces and it will eventually get done. I’ve slowly, each day gained a little more balance and strength while attempting the Bakasana arm balance….and fell over several times too! (Which my mom found very amusing… not so much my dog who got landed on a few times!). Don’t feel stressed about messing up or making mistakes, embrace it, laugh about it and learn from it. Have patience and be love in the process. You always get what you give away and you can accomplish anything you focus your heart and mind on ~:-)

Yoga Inspiration Video!

Bakasana Arm Balance Challenge!

The past week I have been trying to master the Bakasana arm balance. Holy cow it works out your entire body! I’m sore in places I didn’t even know exist but it’s all good pain. I’m slowly practicing this pose everyday and getting better every time I do it. Trying to perfect this pose has made me realize that if you don’t challenge yourself, you cant change yourself…. physically, mentally or emotionally. Life is full of challenges and its these challenges that change you. When you look at the glass half full you will see that challenges are apart of your life journey. When you can embrace the lesson and positivity in the tough times you can then change yourself for the better. So when you feel a challenge in your life always remember…..

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you” -Frank Devito

Make a conscious choice today ~:-)